Vecron Apps

Mobile Cashing for optimum use of staff resources

Robust special hardware for hospitality and modern POS Apps: Taking payments on a mobile device with a mobile reduces walking distances, optimizes working routines and minimizes personnel placement.

• Works offline
• 100 % tax office-compliant
• Mixed networks possible
• Improves the service
• Increases sales

Taking payments on a mobile device offers numerous advantages indoor and outdoor. Our POS systems send all the orders directly to kitchen or counter printers; this avoids jams on stationary devices at peak times. At the same time it reduces the waiting time for guests as the orders are already processed while the waiter serves other tables. When using a mobile belt printer, the invoicing takes place directly at the table. Thanks to the mobile systems, the staff can save a lot of walking during the whole service process. One waiter can serve more guests so that less personnel is required – an important benefit in times of staff shortage.

The guests are being served faster, which increases the customer satisfaction and generates higher turnover through additional sales. Furthermore it guarantees that all the orders are booked and invoiced

Intuitive POS App

An existing Vectron POS network can be completed with the intuitive POS App for mobile iOS and Android devices. The MobileApp is so easy to operate that users can handle all the functions within a few minutes.

  • Description


The mobile app for hospitality (IOS & Android)


The “Vectron MobileApp” is so easy to operate that you will be familiar with all the functions within minutes. At the same time the app provides you all the comfort you require for mobile cashing.

  • Clearly arranged
  • Intuitive
  • Easy to operate
  • Offline-capable

The app functions have been deliberately reduced to the essential ones for mobile cashing. This makes the app clearly arranged and easy to operate.You enter or change orders orclose receipts with a few intuitive touches. A clearly arranged guest check management, PLUs that are grouped in departments and search functions support the procedures.Free multiplier and price input is possible and you can entercondiments and menu courses, print entertainment expenses andsplit guest checks. All the common payment modes are available for finalization.

You can use a mobile Wi-Fi printer with the app.
More complex transactions are carried out by the stationary server system, which securely saves all the data. You only require a local WiFi network and no Internet connection.It is also possible to integrate the app later into existing installations and to book it on a monthly basis. This allows using it only during the summer for example.

App download

The Vectron MobileApp is available for free download from the “App Store” and “Google play” and you can test it in demo mode without registration.