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Vectron hardware is built to last but most importantly built to perform in demanding environments suitable in hospitality and retail locations. Modern looking and many external options are available. Vectron is intuitive, quick to learn and has security features to track staff errors. Point of Sale and Mobile handhelds are available along with our stock control integrated solutions. We also provide Vectron scripting services.

  • Vectron Pos 15 II

    Robust PCT system with gesture recognition

    The POS Touch 15 II PCT provides high performance thanks to the latest electronics. The POS software contains numerous sophisticated functions that accelerate workflows and facilitate the controlling. The software can be tailored flexibly to meet the individual demands at the point of sale. The POS system shuts down without data loss even in case of power failure.

    The POS Touch 15 II PCT is absolutely reliable and extremely durable; it comes with a scratchproof and wear-free capacitive glass touch screen including gesture recognition for particularly intuitive operation.

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  • Vectron Touch 12

    Small, robust Touch system

    The compact Touch system with12“ display and analog-resistive touch is dust and splashproof. It is perfectly suited when only a small footprint is available for the POS system. Operation of the rugged POS Touch 12“ is easy and intuitive and its graphical user interface is fully designable. The high-performance POS software offers sophisticated functions that accelerate and simplify workflows. The accounting and administration of networked POS systems can be carried out conveniently on a central system, allowing for a consistent base and lowest maintenance.

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  • Vecron Apps

    Mobile Cashing for optimum use of staff resources

    Robust special hardware for hospitality and modern POS Apps: Taking payments on a mobile device with a mobile reduces walking distances, optimizes working routines and minimizes personnel placement.

    • Works offline
    • 100 % tax office-compliant
    • Mixed networks possible
    • Improves the service
    • Increases sales

    Taking payments on a mobile device offers numerous advantages indoor and outdoor. Our POS systems send all the orders directly to kitchen or counter printers; this avoids jams on stationary devices at peak times. At the same time it reduces the waiting time for guests as the orders are already processed while the waiter serves other tables. When using a mobile belt printer, the invoicing takes place directly at the table. Thanks to the mobile systems, the staff can save a lot of walking during the whole service process. One waiter can serve more guests so that less personnel is required – an important benefit in times of staff shortage.

    The guests are being served faster, which increases the customer satisfaction and generates higher turnover through additional sales. Furthermore it guarantees that all the orders are booked and invoiced

    Intuitive POS App

    An existing Vectron POS network can be completed with the intuitive POS App for mobile iOS and Android devices. The MobileApp is so easy to operate that users can handle all the functions within a few minutes.

  • Vectron Mobile

    Mobile system: the waterproof POS

    The Vectron POS MobilePro III is an extremely robust and completely waterproof mobile point of sale system, which is perfectly suitable for indoor- and outdoor use. Thanks to the practical touch screen-keyboard combination, it can be operated particularly quickly and is especially suitable for companies with a high customer frequency or at peak times. The mobile pos is small, light and ergonomically shaped for comfortable operation. The Vectron POS MobilePro III does not require an extra server station. It is a fully-fledged POS system that provides all functions of a stationary system and is equipped with RFID reader, WLAN- and Bluetooth interface as standard.

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